There are three main categories in the financial services world:


Wheatfield Financial Group Incorporated focuses primarily on PROTECTION. There are six key areas in which protection is critical. If you are inadequately protected, you could place your SAVINGS and GROWTH assets at risk.

Word Entry:1in·sur·ance
Function: (noun) Coverage by contract whereby one party undertakes to indemnify or guarantee another against loss by a specified contingency or peril.
Source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary

You will want to ensure that you have the proper amount and type of protection. There are three main categories in the financial services world: protection, savings and growth.  In the case of protection you want to make sure you have the right product at the right time in order to give you the financial foundation you need in order to continue building wealth. As noted above, the true definition of insurance is to replace the full value of something lost. Our role is to help you assess the proper valuation of your key asset, YOU!

Our firm also offers an advanced service called the Wealth Plan for select clients. For more information, please click here.

Did you know that once Canadians travel outside of Canada, they are no longer covered under their provincial health care system?

For more information about the implications of travelling outside of Canada, please visit http://www.health.gov.on.ca/en/public/publications/ohip/travel.aspx.  If you require comprehensive travel insurance from an industry leader, contact Ingle Insurance at 1-800-360-3234 and make reference to ID# im50196 for the best rates.