Wheatfield Financial Group Incorporated has four core values that govern our recommendations:

INTEGRITY is defined as conducting oneself with high moral character.  All clients have different circumstances even though they may share a similar profession or demographic with others.  We study our product offerings and strategies, in order to design your pathway to financial freedom.
EDUCATION comes from the Latin word educare meaning to draw out that which is within. Many advisors use a top down approach with their clients.  We choose to partner with our clients by sharing our knowledge and experience to allow our clients to achieve their maximum potential from within.

 is defined as finding and implementing a better way.  We see financial products as tools to achieve various objectives and not ends unto themselves.  We use our knowledge and experience to use financial products and strategies to maximize your cash flow and net worth in the most efficient way possible.
GROWTH is the process of developing to a greater stage than when you first started.  We believe that if you are not further ahead after having worked with us than you were in the beginning, then we failed you and ourselves.  For us growth is about achieving abundance in both health and wealth.