The 7 Stages of Cultivating Financial Freedom

Stage 1: Discovery is the process of determining that Wheatfield Financial Group is the best financial advisory firm to facilitate the achievement of your vision of success. We endeavour to obtain a good understanding of your objectives.

Stage 2: Preparation is when we collect all necessary data in order to put together your personalized Wealth Plan.  During this stage, we jointly determine your physical and financial risk factors.  We acquire information about your assets, liabilities, income and expenses.  Preparation is a critical step to ensure success.  It is during this stage that we determine your financial freedom number.  Remember, everyone has a financial freedom number.  Education and disclosure are also shared during this critical stage.

Stage 3: Seeding is the process of developing your individualized Wealth Plan.  At this stage, the Wealth Plan is designed to identify the most effective way to implement the principles of the Maximum Protection package to guard you against your identified risks factors. At this stage, we assess the need for investment planning.

Stage 4: Irrigation gives life to the initial phases of your individualized Wealth Plan.  At this stage we establish and implement your priorities, based upon your agreed budget.

Stage 5: Fertilization is the process that incorporates specialized knowledge to magnify the results of your Wealth Plan towards success.  This process implements the principles of the Maximum Cash Flow package. Positive cash flow is the key ingredient for attaining financial freedom.  We identify all components that have had a negative impact on your cash flow and then minimize them.  During this stage, our three key areas of focus are: debt management, investment yield, and tax strategies.

Stage 6: Nurturing is the process of adjusting the Wealth Plan as required to address changes in your personal circumstances.  During this stage we introduce the Maximum Legacy package.  The Maximum Legacy package has two main parts.  First, the Maximum Legacy package is about arranging your financial affairs in such a way as to maximize the value of your estate for your loved ones.  Secondly, and probably most importantly we assist you in writing your life’s story to maximize the impact your life will have on those around you.

Stage 7: The Harvest is the time to enjoy financial freedom.  We define financial freedom as having more passive and portfolio income than is required for your desired lifestyle.  We believe true wealth is measured in time.  Our objective, is for you is to achieve infinite wealth, while enjoying the fruits of your labour.