The Right of Privacy is our way of doing business to assist in protecting your personal information and we retain personal information only for as long as necessary or relevant for the purposes discussed in our Privacy Assurance document or as required by law. You have rights to withdraw your consent to our uses and disclosures and to access and require us to correct personal information we may hold about you.

The Right to a 10-day Free Look Period is the period of time you have after the receipt of an insurance policy to cancel the policy for a full refund without penalty.

The Right to a 60-day Review Period is the period of time you have after signing a  RESPDAC member application to review the plan for a refund.  If you should decide to terminate the plan, a written request must be received by the RESPDAC member within 60-days.  If received within 60-days, all deposits and fees paid up to that date less the optional insurance riders will be returned.

The Right of Rescission gives each investor the right to cancel a mutual fund purchase by giving written notice to your dealer within 48 hours of receiving your written confirmation of purchase.  If you exercise this right, you will receive the full purchase price you paid for the units or their net asset value at the time of rescission, which ever is lower. Sales charges and fees will also be returned to you.

The Right of Withdrawal gives each investor the right to cancel an agreement to buy a
mutual fund by giving written notice to your dealer within 2 business days of receiving the prospectus. If this right is exercised you will receive the full purchase price paid, plus any sales commission or fees that were charged to you.