Eldean J. Ivri
Managing Director

Eldean J. Ivri is a financial advisor licensed in the province of Ontario.  He has been working within the Canadian financial services industry since January of 1999 and he became an advisor in January of 2002. His approach is holistic in nature. His specialty is in cash flow optimization. Cash flow optimization is a process of increasing available income and decreasing existing expenses without altering the client’s current lifestyle. Once an initial assessment has been done, it may be necessary for Eldean to refer the client to an outside professional to remedy the issue or issues that have been identified, however the client-advisor relationship will always be maintained by the advisor. One fundamental lesson, he shares with his clients is that cash flow is to household finance what irrigation is to farming and if restricted no plan is sustainable. Eldean enjoys playing chess, cycling and travelling. In the past he has worked with the Canada Revenue Agency to assist seniors, new immigrants and low income individuals to complete their income tax returns. Eldean J. Ivri is a public speaker covering the topics of personal finance and insurance protection in Canada.

Direct Line:
Direct Email: eldean@wheatfieldfinancial.com