This package maximizes protection against four of the six financial risk factors, so that even in the worst case scenario the lifestyle of you and your family won't be comprised.

Here are some benefits:
  • Understand the key clauses of your insurance policies. In the case of the loss of a bread winner, ensure that the surviving family members are not left financially destitute, while in emotional despair.

  • Be in the position to physically and financially recover as a survivor of an injury or illness.

  • To financially protect yourself from the risks of aging.

  • Achieve financially security during difficult times.

  • Peace of mind!


Our flagship product was designed to allow our clients to take advantage of strategies to maximize cash flow without compromising lifestyle.

Here are some benefits:
  • Reduce your income tax burden.

  • Service debts in the most efficient method possible.

  • Maximize the yield on your investment income portfolios.

  • Discover and implement strategies to increase your after-tax income.

  • Increase self-employment and/or business income.

  • Enjoy more free time!

This package achieves two objectives: 1) It maximizes the value of your estate for your beneficiaries, and 2) It allows even those of modest means to make a perpetual contribution to the cause(s) of their choice.

Here are some benefits:
  • To preserve your estate value.

  • To benefit your intended loved ones.

  • To build extra capacity in the community (ie. a library wing).

  • To support your local church.

  • To establish a foundation in your name.

  • To support the less fortunate and leave your mark on the world!


This package was designed for business owners who are planning to exit successful businesses within 3-5 years. The purpose of this package is to maximize the market value and/or ensure the successful transfer of your business.

Here are some benefits:
  • Determine a proper valuation of your business.

  • Create a win-win for all major stakeholders involved: key employees, shareholders, your spouse, children, investors, customers, and you.

  • Crystallize the maximum value of your business.

  • Understand the key elements prospective buyers or business brokers would be looking for.

  • Enjoy financial freedom!